Adventure Travel has become my main focus as of late.  My first bike tour across the Czech Repbulic got me hooked, and since then I have done several long distance trips…most of which I filmed.  I hiked the entire Camino del Norte in 35 days covering close to 900km, biked from Prague to Vienna (6 days/+480km), and several other shorter trips.

Traveling long distances on foot or bike, has given me a new appreciation for nature and perseverance.  A deep sense of pride for accomplishing something many would never attempt to do.  As I cover vast terrains, I really feel apart of the nature.

I am proud to now offer guided tours for bikepacking/bike touring as well as thru hiking trips.  Tours are all inclusive and meticulously planned to ensure both adventure and an appreciation for the culture and environment of the region.

Contact me at if you would like to know more about booking an adventure tour.
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